Tuesday, 10 June 2008


The most recent Council meeting of the Clan Cameron Association Scotland was held most appropriately in Ma Cameron's Tavern, Belmont Street, Aberdeen. This is an old established inn and is in fact Aberdeen's oldest pub having witnessed and taken part in the city's history for almost 300 years. The hostelry which had sympathised with the Jacobite cause began to flourish as a coaching inn in the 1800s Since then it has been recognised as a mecca for both locals and visitors to the city. Many of the Aberdeen hostelries were kept by women and none is more remembered than Amelia Cameron who continued to run the pub following the death of her husband, John. Amelia was affectionately known by her clientelle as "ma". In 1933 the pub was taken on by Alex Mitchell thus ending a period of 60 years association of the Camerons with the pub.

The council meeting was held in "The Snug" which appears to have changed little since the days in which "Ma Cameron" was the host. Our picture was taken before the meeting and shows members of the Clan Council at the door of "Ma Cameron's".