Thursday, 12 February 2015


I suppose the answer to that question is that I have been doing many other things. In June of 2014, I stood down as editor of the Clan Cameron Magazine - a task which I enjoyed for 10 years and produced a biennial Newsletter. I hope to contribute more regularly to this blog but am at the moment involved in writing a social history of rural Scotland over the last hundred years. I would value any photographs of any aspect of life together with stories and anecdotes. I am currently working on the chapter on agriculture so would appreciate particularly any information on the Kerr Rick-lifter. This particular gadget was made of three long poles attached at the top and forming a pyramidal shape. This was pulled over to the rick by horse and a rope with large hooks on the end was lowered down and the hooks fixed under the rick. The other end of the rope passed over a pulley at the top of the pyramid and was attached to a horse. The horse moved forward lifting the rick. Another horse attached to a cart manoeuvered the cart under the rick and the rick was lowered intact onto the cart. A neat device which was used up to the 1950s in Argyllshire.

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